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White Rocks




Documentary filming is a skill I developed recently on the basis of my love of photography. Instead of fixed pictures, clips document movements, sounds, and form a more comprehensive experience. 



Bird-watching is a hobby I developed together with my parents when I was in elementary school. Beijing is the habitat for the second most significant variety of bird species, making it an excellent place for bird-watching. We go on bird-watching trips every weekend to gain more knowledge of birds and have an immersive experience in nature! 


Biodiversity Project

As my interest in birds developed, I became aware of bird habitat and biodiversity loss, and thus, I and my friends initiated the Roof-top Garden project. The project aims to enhance biodiversity by building a biodiversity roof-top garden on campus. 


Psychology and Sociology

Psychology and sociology are areas I'm highly interested in since I am particularly passionate about the intricating relationship between individuals and societies. I explore those topics by taking online courses and reading. These experiences have expanded my knowledge and ignited my hope to explore the intricate connections between human behavior, culture, and society. 

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