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Documentary (Log)

“Log" is a documentary I created in western Sichuan province, Daofu County, Bamei village. This region has a rich blend of Tibetan and Han cultures, owing to its historical Tibetan population. This cultural mix makes it an intriguing location for cultural exploration. Our documentary primarily focuses on traditional Tibetan wooden building craftsmanship, showcasing the work of a skilled carpenter. Unlike conventional construction methods that rely on screws, Tibetan architecture relies on wood and a distinctive mortise and tenon structure. Through our documentary, we capture the daily life and work of Mr. Danzeng, the carpenter, while shedding light on the challenges facing traditional Tibetan culture and techniques. My role in the team is filming and communicating with the subject. The experience made me more open-minded to various cultures, embraced diversity, and improved my filming skills. 


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Documentary (Exploration of the Gansu Corridor's History and Culture)

 During spring break, I visited the western regions of China with my parents, following the Hexi Corridor. "Through the Corridor" is a documentary I created, inspired by the fascinating culture I saw during the journey. It chronicles my personal journey through the Hexi Corridor and delves into its rich history and development. The Hexi Corridor, also known as the Gansu Corridor, is an important historical region in China's modern western Gansu province. This documentary primarily focuses on the exploration of grottos, which are natural or artificial caves utilized by humans throughout different periods, from ancient times to the present day. By examining these grottos and their cultural, developmental, historical, content-related, and religious connections, "Through the Corridor" sheds light on the cultural significance of the Hexi Corridor's grottos. 

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